Ética é o conjunto de valores, ou padrões, a partir dos quais uma pessoa entende o que seja certo ou errado e toma decisões. A ética é importante por que respeita os outros e a dignidade humana.
Quarta-feira, 28 de Julho de 2010
Vegetarianos e Veganos Famosos

Adam Ant, singer songwriter with Adam and the Ants
Alanis Morissette, Canadian singer songwriter (Jagged Little Pill, Under Rug Swept)
Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel Prize recipient
Albert Schweitzer, Doctor and humanitarian
Alice Walker, author (The Colour Purple)
Alicia Silverstone, spokes person for animal rights group PETA, actress (The Crush, Clueless, Blast from the Past) vegan

I did it for political, moral reasons, thinking that I was making this great sacrifice, but it was absolutely necessary; I was not going to contribute to the violence in the world anymore ~ -Alicia Silverstone

Allen Ginsberg, poet
Andre 3000, from OutKast, actor, (Rosa Parks, Hey Ya) vegan
Andrew "Whitey" White, guitarist with Kaiser Chiefs
Andy Hurley, drummer of Fall Out Boy, musician, vegan
Angela Bassett, actress (Strange Days, Rosa Parks Story, Waiting to Exhale)
Angie Everhart, model, actress (Last Action Hero)
Anna Paquin, actress, Oscar winner for role in The Piano
Annie Lennox, Scottish singer songwriter, lead singer with the Eurythmics
Anoushka Shankar, sitar virtuoso - daughter of Ravi Shankar, vegan
Anthony Grayling, aka AC Grayling, writer and columnist
Anthony Perkins, actor (Catch 22, Psycho)
Aristotle, the Greek philosopher
Ashley Judd, actress (Heat, Kiss the Girls)
Avril Lavigne, musician, singer songwriter, actress (Girlfriend, My Happy Ending)

I'm on a vegan diet, I do yoga every day, I work out, I'm totally spiritual ...
~ Avril Lavigne

Belinda Carlisle, singer with the Go-Go's
Benjamin Zephaniah, performance poet
Benji Madden and Billy Martin, musicians of Good Charlotte
Billie Jean King, American tennis legend
Bob Barker, US TV show host
Bob Dylan, songwriter (Blowing in the Wind, All Along the Watch Tower, Desire, Blood on the Tracks, etc., etc)
Bob Marley, Reggae legend (No Woman No Cry, Get Up Stand Up, Jammin, Trenchtown Rock, etc., etc)
Bonnie Raitt, songwriter, musician, great guitarist (I Can't Make You Love Me)
Boy George, singer, DJ, Culture Club (Karma Chameleon)
Brad Pitt, actor (Fight Club, Babel, Meet Joe Black, Oceans 11)
Brandon Boyd, Incubus (Science)
Brandy, R&B singer, actress (The Boy Is Mine, What About Us)

"I'm 23 now, and I've grown into this woman. I feel sexy and more mature. I wanted these inside changes to be reflected in both my look and music. I am a vegan now, and it was a conscious decision. I studied a lot about African culture and health and the best way to take care of the body. I really wanted to be healthy. At first I was just trying to challenge myself; I thought it was a phase and that I would grow out of it, but it wasn't. I found out a lot about the body and what [hormones] they put in meat. My taste buds started changing, and I didn't crave [meat and dairy products] anymore" ~ Brandy

Brian Greene, physicist, vegan
Brigitte Bardot, French actress, animal rights spokes person
Brooke Shields, actress (Blue Lagoon)
Bruce Springsteen, singer songwriter, musician (Born to Run, Lucky Town, Nebraska, Darkness on the Edge of Town, The Rising, Devils and Dust)
Bryan Adams, Canadian singer songwriter vegan
Candice Bergen, actress
Casey Affleck, actor, vegan
Carlos Santana, musician, guitarist with Santana (Abraxus, Black Magic Woman)
Carrie Anne Moss, actress (Matrix trilogy, Memento), vegan
Casey Kassem, American radio host
Cesar Chavez, united farm workers organizer
Charles Darwin, Victorian theorist
Charlie Watts, drummer with the Rolling Stones(Jumping Jack Flash, Sympathy for the Devil, Exile on Main street, Little Red Rooster)
Charlotte Bronte, British novelist (Jane Eyre)
Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill & Hilary Clinton
Chris Evans, actor, (Cellular, Fantastic Four)
Chris Evert, American tennis Legend
Chrissie Hynde, rock singer songwriter, singer with the Pretenders, activist (Kid, Brass in Pocket)
Christena Appelgate, actress (Mars Attacks, King of the Hill)
Christian Bale, actor (Empire of the Sun, Equilibrium, The Machinist, The New World)
Christie Brinkley, model
Christy Turlington, model
Claudia Schiffer, German super model
Clint Eastwood, actor, director, composer (Bird, Million Dollar Baby, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Outlaw Jose Wales, Play Misty for Me)

I take vitamins daily, but just the bare essentials not what you'd call supplements. I try to stick to a vegan diet heavy on fruit, vegetables, tofu, and other soy products.
~ Clint Eastwood

Daman Albarn, singer songwriter for Blur and Gorillaz (Park Life, Demon Days, Clint Eastwood)
Dan Piraro, cartoonist, vegan (http://www.bizarro.com/)
Daniel Kessler, guitarist of Interpol
Danny Garcia, professional skateboarder
Danny Nova, Singer/Songwriter
Dario Argento, Italian Director, slasher/horror movies, (Inferno) vegan
Darryl Hannah, actress, activist (Dancing at the Blue Iguana, Kill Bill)
Dennis Kucinich, Ohio politician, vegan
Debbie Dawson, singer with RISE, eats non-animal
Deepak Chopra, author and doctor
Devon Oki, super model, actress (Sin City, 2 Fast 2 Furious, D.O.A.)

I sometimes think, would I drink the milk from the breast of a woman I don't know? No. So I think, why would I drink it from a cow.
~ Devon Aoki

Diogenes, Greek philosopher
Dizzie Gillespie, great jazz musician, trumpeter
Doris Day, singer, animal activist, actress (Move Over Darling, Pillow Talk)

Killing an animal to make a coat is sin. It wasn't meant to be, and we have no right to do it. A woman gains status when she refuses to see anything killed to be put on her back. Then she's truly beautiful ~ Doris Day

Dr. Spock (not the one with the ears)
Dustin Hoffman, actor (Marathon Man, Confidence, Kramer Versus Kramer, The Graduate)
Dyan Canyon, actress (After the Sunset, Ally McBeal)
Eddie Vedder, singer with Pearl Jam (Ten, Lost Dogs, Mirrorball)
Elvira, actress (Mistress of the Dark, Vampira)
Elvis Costello, musician, singer songwriter, married to Diana Krall (Oliver's Army)
Emily Dickinson, American writer & poet
Emmylou Harris, Grammy winning singer (O' Bother Where Art Thou, Red Dirt Girl)
Epicurus, Greek philosopher
Eric Roberts, actor, (Julia's brother) (The Specialist, The Pope of Greenwich Village) vegan
Eric Stoltz, actor (Rob Roy, Pulp Fiction, Killing Zoë, The Butterfly Effect)
Erkyah Badu, R&B singer, vegan
Forrest Kline, vocals/guitar for Hellogoodbye, vegan
Forest Whitaker, actor (Last King of Scotland, Bird, The Shield)
Francis Lalanne, French singer
Frank Iero, Musician, My Chemical Romance
Frank Marino, entertainer drag queen
Franz Kafka, writer
Fred Mascherino, musician, guitar/vocals of Taking Back Sunday
Gabe Saporta, singer/lyricist of Cobra Starship
Gandhi, India's & possibly the worlds greatest modern spiritual leader & animal rights activist, founder of non-violence
Gavin Rosedale, singer with Bush
George Bernard Shaw, writer, playwright (Pygmalion, Heartbreak House)
George Harrison, musician with the Beatles
Gerard and Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance
Gloria Swanson, actress from 1918 to 1974
Grace Slick, singer with Jefferson Airplane
H. G. Wells, English writer, supporter of the Suffragette movement. 1866-1946

In all the round world of Utopia there is no meat. There used to be, but now we cannot stand the thought of slaughterhouses. And it is impossible to find anyone who will hew a dead ox or pig. I can still remember as a boy the rejoicings over the closing of the last slaughterhouse.
~ H G Wells - A Modern Utopia (Time Machine, War of the Worlds)

Heather Small, singer, lead singer with M People (Proud, Moving On Up) vegan
Heather Mills, model, animal rights activist, patron of VIVA!, vegan
Henry David Thoreau, writer, abolitionist, (Walden, Civil Disobedience)
Howard Lyman, former cattle rancher and author of Mad Cowboy
Hunter Burgan, bassist of AFI, vegan
Ian MacKaye, musician, vegan
Ian McKellan, British actor (Lord of the Rings, Coronation Street)
India Arie, singer songwriter
Isa Chandra Moskowitz, punk rocker, vegan
Jackie Chan, ground breaking marshal artist, movie maker, actor
James Cromwell, actor in movie "Babe," animal rights advocate, vegan
Jamie Lee Curtis, actress (Halloween, A Fish Called Wanda, Blue Steel)
Jane Goodall, primatologist
Jared Leto, actor and singer of 30 Seconds to Mars (Fight Club, Thin Red Line, Alexander)
JD Salinger, novelist (Catcher in the Rye)
Jeff Beck, great British blues guitarist, guitarist with The Yardbirds, (Blow by Blow, There and Back)
Jennifer Connelly, Oscar winning actress (A Beautiful Mind, House of Sand & Fog, Mulholland Falls)
Jenny Lewis, singer and composer for Rilo Kiley
Jenny Seagrove, actress
Jeremy Cunningham, bassist of Levellers
Joan Armatrading, singer songwriter (Willow, Love and Affection)
Joan Baez, singer songwriter, first lady of the 60's (Diamonds & Rust, O Brother)
Joan Jett, musician
Joanne Rose, actor, (I Love Rock n' Roll) vegan
Joaquin Phoenix, actor, activist (The Yards, Gladiator, Walk the Line) vegan
Joel, musician of Good Charlotte
John Cleese, British actor, Comedian (Monty Python, Fawlty Towers)
John Lennon, Beatles singer songwriter (Imagine)
Dr. John McDougall, physician and author
John Peel - British DJ, champion of Indie music vegan
John Robbins, activist and author, vegan
Johnny Cash, great country musician and songwriter (Hurt, Ring of Fire)
Johnny Marr, guitarist, ex Smiths guitarist
Jon Anderson of Yes, musician (Close to the Edge, Relayer, Topographic Ocean, Fragile, Yessongs)
Jon Sevink, fiddle player of Levellers
Jonathan Richman, musician, vegan
Josh Hartnett, actor (Pearl Harbour, Sin City)

I gave up meat when I was twelve. & One day I was cutting up a chicken for my mom, and I hit a tumour with the knife. There was [pus] and blood all over the place. That was enough for me ~ Josh Hartnett

Jessica Alba, actress (Into the Blue, Dark Angel, Fantastic Four)

I think that people who don't like animals tend to be selfish, but I'm biased.
~ Jessica Alba

Joss Stone, singer (The Soul Sessions)
Julie Christie, actress, animal rights activist, (Dr. Zhivago, Fahrenheit 451, Shampoo, Troy)
Jullianna Marguiles
Kafka, writer (Amerika, The Metmorphosis)
Kate Bush, ground breaking singer songwriter (Running Up that Hill, Wuthering Heights, Hounds of Love, The Red Shoes)
Kate Winslet, actress in movie (Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
K D Lang, Canadian singer songwriter (Constant Craving)

I grew up in cattle country-that's why I became a vegetarian. Meat stinks, for the animals, the environment, and your health ~ K.D. Lang
We all love animals. Why do we call some "pets" and others "dinner?"
~ K.D. Lang

Kelly Osbourne, musician
Kirk Hammett, Metallica
KRS-One, Boogey Down Productions, Rapper/pioneer, musician
Kyle Vincent, recording artist, singer songwriter, vegan
Lady Bunny, entertainer drag queen
Larry Hagman (Dallas)
Larry Mullen Jr, drummer and founder of U2 (With or Without You, One, Desire, Achtung Baby, Joshua Tree, etc)
LaToya Jackson, celebrity sister of Michael
Lauren Bush, niece of George W.
Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer and philosopher
Leonard Cohen, Canadian poet, singer, icon (Songs from a Room, Suzanne)
Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian painter, Inventor, Gnostic
Linda Blair, actress (The Exorcist, The French Connection)

I have been a vegetarian for about 10 years. And it really was due to the reading that I did. And they explain so that you understand why it's important for the planet's survival along with compassion for animals. It certainly made it much easier for me. I lost weight really fast. My mother died from cancer so this is all very personal to me. And I just would like the planet to be a better place. And I think you'll find a vegetarian diet to be really incredible these days ~ Linda Blair

Linda Carter, actress (Starsky & Hutch, Wonder Woman)
Linda McCartney, musician with Wings, Vegetarian Food Range (Venus & Mars, Band on the Run)

We stopped eating meat many years ago. During the course of a Sunday lunch we happened to look out of the kitchen window at our young lambs playing happily in the fields. Glancing down at our plates, we suddenly realised we were eating the leg of an animal who had until recently been playing in a field herself. We looked at each other and said: "Wait a minute, we love these sheep-they're such gentle creatures. So why are we eating them?" It was the last time we ever did ~ Linda McCartney

Lindsay Wagner, actress (The Bionic Woman)
Lisa Bonet, actress (Cosby Show, Angel Heart, Enemy of the State)
Lisa Kudrow, actress (Friends)
Lisa Simpson, cartoon character
Lord Byron, writer, poet
Louisa May Alcott, American writer
Ma'ari, Abul Ala'a al, Arabian poet
Mark Twain, Great American author (Huckleberry Finn)
Martina Navratilova, legendary tennis player

I haven't bought any leather articles for a very long time. My ideal is to be able to avoid all animal products, in food as well as clothing
~ Martina Navratilova

Martin Shaw, actor, (The Professionals) vegan
Marty Feldman, comedian, actor, (Young Frankenstein)
Mary Shelley, novelist (Frankenstein, The Last Man)
Mary Tyler Moore, actress
Meatloaf, singer (Bat Out of Hell)
Melanie Griffith, actress
Melissa Etheridge, musician
Michael Bolton, singer
Michael Jackson, musician, dancer, Jackson Five (Billy Jean, Bad, Man in the Mirror)
Mike Gordon, bass player of Phish
Milo Ventimiglia, actor "Gilmore Girls" and "Heroes"
Mireille Darc, French actress
Missy Higgins, Australian singer & songwriter
Moby, musician, vegan
Montserrat Caballe, opera singer
Morrissey, singer, founder of the Smiths (Meat is Murder) vegan
Naomi Watts, actress (Mulholland Drive, 21 Grams, Stay, The Ring)
Nastassja Kinski, actress
Natalie Merchant, singer
Natalie Portman, actress, (Leon, Heat, Beautiful Girls, Garden State, Cold Mountain, Closer, V for Vendetta) vegan
Nathalie Baye, French actress
Nelly, rap musician Hot in Here, Pimp Juice)
Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran, (Rio, Wild Boys) vegan
Norman Walker, doctor and longest living raw foodist vegan
Oliver Stone, film director (Apocalypse Now, JFK, Natural Born Killers)
Omar Hakim, singer, writer & drummer for Sting, Madonna, David Bowie, Mariah Carey...
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, The Mars Volta, musician, vegan
Orlando Bloom, actor (Kingdom of Heaven, Elizabeth Town)

I'm picky when it comes to food-as long as there's no meat in it.
~ Orlando Bloom

Pamela Anderson, actress, spoke person for PETA (Baywatch, Barbwire)
Pamelyn Ferdin, actress, voice in Charlottes Web, vegan
Pat Thetic, drummer of Anti-Flag, vegan
Paul McCartney, Beatles, songwriter & musician (Hey Jude, Venus and Mars)
Paul Newman, actor and maker of salad dressings (Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid)
Peter Gabriel, singer, lead singer with Genesis (Selling England by the Pound, Nursery Crimes)
Peter Sellers, actor & comedian (Being There, Pink Panther)
Persia White, activist, musician, actress (Girlfriends, Earthling)
Phil Lesh, Musician, bass player for the Grateful Dead
Pierce Bronsnan, actor (James Bond, Tailor of Panama, Tootsy)
Pink, singer (Get the Party Started, Just Like a Pill)

I turned down Prince William's invitation for me to sing at his birthday bash because he was spearing animals in Africa and bringing publicity to it, and I thought that was pretty disgusting! ~ Pink

PJ Harvey, indie musician (Dry, Rid of Me, White Chalk)
Plato, Greek philosopher and student of Socrates
Plutarch, Greek philosopher
Poly Styrene (Marion Elliot), punk rocker - X-ray Spex
Porphyry, Greek philosopher
Prince, legendary musician, song writer (Purple Rain, Nothing Compares To You, Manic Monday, Red Corvette, If I Could Be Your Girlfriend, etc)
Propagandhi, political punk rock band - all vegan members
Pythagoras of Samos, "Pythagorean Theorem" Greek mathematician
Queen Sofia, of Spain
Rabindranath Tagore, Eastern Indian philosopher
Richard Gere, actor (Officer and a Gentleman, Mothman Prophecy, Internal Affairs)
Richie Havens, musician (Common Ground, Time, Grace of the Sun)
Ricki Lake, TV personality
Ringo Starr, drummer with Beatles
River Phoenix, actor vegan
Robert Redford, actor, director (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
Rosa Parks, civil rights activist
Ru Paul, entertainer and drag queen activist
Russel Simmons, co-founder Def Jam Records, vegan

I don't eat any animals or anything that has to do with animals. No eggs or dairy because I personally don't feel it's a good practice to eat anything that might run away from you ~ Russell Simmons

RZA, of The Wu-Tang Clan, a producer
Sade, singer (Your Love is King)
Sadie Frost, actress (The Krays, Shopping, Rancid Alluminium, Uprising)

I've always been an animal lover. People should be made aware of all the issues. Some people think that the whole wearing-fur thing is glamorous, but you can look good without it ~ Sadie Frost
-Sadie Frost

Samuel L. Jackson, actor (Pulp Fiction, Indestructible)
Sandra Bernhart, comedian and actress
Scott Jurek, multiple marathon winner, vegan
Seal, singer
Sean Conant, actor, vegan
Sean Lennon, musician (son of John & Yoko Lennon)
Seba Johnson, Olympian, actress, writer and vegan since birth vegan
Serinity, porn star
Serj Tankian, musician of System of a Down
Shane MacGowan, singer of The Pogues
Shania Twain, country singer (Come on Over, Man! I feel like a Woman, You're Still the One, That Don't Impress Me Much)

I don't eat meat, or eggs. I was never a big meat-eater, but I've got more energy now," says Shania, who hasn't eaten an animal since she married long time vegetarian (and record producer) Mutt Lange ~ Shania Twain

Shannon Elizabeth, model, actress, poker player, animal activist (American Pie, Love Actually)
Sinead O'Connor, Irish singer (Nothing Compares to You)
Sir Isaac Newton, physicist
Socrates, Greek philosopher, "Know thyself to be true"
Spike Milligan, comedian, poet (The Goons)
Stella McCartney, designer and daughter of Linda & Paul
Steve Kilbey, singer and lyricist for The Church, vegan
Steve Perry, musician
Steve Vai, musician
Suzanne Vega, singer songwriter (My Name is Luca)
Thom Yorke, singer of Radiohead, (OK Computer, Fake Plastic Trees) vegan
Thora Birch, actress
Tobey Maguire, actor (Ride With the Devil, Spiderman, Wonder Boys)
Tony LaRussa, baseball
Tracy Chapman, songwriter (Revolution, Cars)
Vanessa Williams, singer, first Black Miss America (The Right Stuff, The Sweetest Days)
Vincent van Gogh, painter
Voltaire, writer and philosopher
"Weird" Al Yankovic, comedian, musician, vegan
William Blake, writer
Willem Dafoe, actor (Apocalypse Now)
William Shatner, actor (the legendary Captain Kirk of Star Trek)
Wolfgang Peterson, director
Woody Harrelson, actor, (Scanner Darkly, Cheers, Natural Born Killers) vegan

I've been vegan for about 10 and a half years. It's been all good. I'm obviously much healthier
~ Woody Harrelson

Yasmin Le Bon, model
Yoko Ono, artist, Plastic Ono Band, famous wife of the Beatles, John Lennon


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